November 28, 2014
adidas Gazelle Pink

The Gazelle is without a doubt one of the most loved and most recognisable adidas models. Released in 1968, this silhouette has become a true design classic.

Upon its release, little did everyone know the silhouette would fast become an iconic shoe, synonymous with music, fashion and popular culture.

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Wallets at the ready –  schuh’s first ever Black (and Green) Friday sale sure kicked off. Yep, we adopted the massive American tradition of holding a blow-out sale on the last Friday of November, and boy did we go to town.

Far less troublesome than its name suggests, Black and Green Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season – yay! Traditionally in the states, the day after Thanksgiving is always mad busy – on the roads, the streets, and the shops (where the fun happens), hence why they named the day Black Friday. It’s a good thing.

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