January 12, 2016


The Christmas festivities of over-eating and the New Year popping of champagne have come to an end. All the glitz and glam is gone and we slowly remember how much we dislike the sound of a Monday morning alarm and the snooze button becomes our best friend. Your Facebook and Instagram feeds are now like a field of salad leaves and beach body inspiration takes over your entire internet history, Yip. We’re all thinking it; ‘new year, new you’. If you haven’t quite clicked that ‘join now’ button of your local gym website then let us inspire you to do so. Read more

kids wearing the sesame street puma trainers in red and blue on subway

Now, we don’t want to mislead you, we still don’t really know how to get to Sesame Street. But stay with us, as PUMA’s partnership with the worldwide-loved kids’ TV show will transport you back to the good old days watching Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and friends.

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