March 25, 2016 (2)

When it comes to choosing your flat shoes this spring, you’d better be-weave that we’ve got the best selection. Woven styles inspired by iconic Huarache leather sandals are big this season, and we’ve got a whole host of lovely styles for you to choose from. In the spirit of Easter, we’ve got our eggs in the one basket – the schuh basket, obviously.

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batman v superman movie who will win comic converse

Here at schuh, we take our shoes very seriously. You may have noticed, but that’s pretty much our obsession. There comes a time when our obsessive (or as we like to think of it, lovably passionate) nature reaches another level – and the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one such occasion. Things in the office have become pretty heated as comic book lovers and movie buffs alike debate the only issue relevant right now: who will win? We’ve pitted #TeamBatman against #TeamSuperman in our own mini battle and the results were as intense as we expected.

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kendrick lamar vs kanye west

Did Kendrick make Reebok cool again? Nah behave, they’ve never not been cool, what he has done though is bring the Reebok Classic back to the forefront of our minds. Often forgotten about in a sea of adidas, Nike and even New Balance; Reebok reminds us that shoes don’t need all that tech, take it back to basics and there you have a great retro look.

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