May 6, 2016

the Birkenstock Madrid sandal photographed in Madrid

What comes to mind when you think of Madrid, Spain’s capital and largest city?  If you’re anything like I was, you’d be able to name the Birkenstock sandals, Real Madrid football team and probably not a whole lot more. Barcelona seems to get all the hype, with its Gaudi masterpieces, music festivals and huge hordes of tourists. However, flights to Madrid were cheap and the city had been recommended to me by a couple of wise travellers. So off I went with four of my nearest and dearest, on an intrepid trip to Spain’s underrated capital.

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Does the thought of trainers with light-up LED soles both excite and confuse you? Is your first instinct “Omg yes,” swiftly followed by “But how would that work?” Don’t stress; we’re here to offer some helpful Do’s and Don’ts, as Wize & Ope joins the schuh pack.
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