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It can be hard to scroll down your Facebook feed these days without seeing at least one article devoted to life hacks being promoted. We get it, some of them are wonderfully useful, some of them are wonderfully awful and some are just plain silly – but to be honest, the only ones we really care about are those of a shoe nature (shocker).

From how to deal with heels which are too tight but too pretty to return, to using a pair of brogues as a makeshift wine opener (because finding yourself with a full bottle or red and no opener is no laughing matter); we’ve trawled the interwebs to find the best shoe life hacks, tried and tested them to see if they work, before presenting our findings to you via some charming videography (if we do say so ourselves).

Click each of the below images to take you straight to the shoe life hack video of your choice:

Shoe Hacks - Shoes Too Big Shoe Hacks - Shoes Too Small Shoe Hacks - Smelly Shoes

Shoe hacks - Organising messy shoe closet Shoe hacks - opening wine with shoes Shoe hacks - Slouching boots


Shoe Life Hack 1: Too Big Shoes

They go with everything, they’re timeless and most importantly – they’re comfy. You’ve got them re-heeled countless times and bought protector kits purely to keep them in the land of living for as long as possible; but over the years, they’ve gone a little loose. But all hope is not lost! Try out this shoe hack for when your shoes (old or new) are making you look like a toddler who has rummaged in their parents wardrobe.

Shoe Life Hack 2: Too Tight Shoes

On the opposite scale of things, these shoes are just that little bit too snug (but we totally would have bought them and tried to squish our toes in too). Try out this shoe hack we found for shoes that are too tight and chuck that buyer’s regret out the window; you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Shoe Life Hack 3: Smelly Shoes

Hey, it’s cool, this is a judgement-free zone; some people just sweat more than others – we even heard that it’s a sign you’re fit. Unfortunately though, sweaty feet can lead to smelly shoes…and no one really wants that. If your favourite pair have seen better days in the fragrance department, check out this hack to bring them back to their former demeanour.

Shoe Life Hack 4: Organising Your Closet

You’re an organised person who likes to keep all the original packaging so their staggering fashion collection doesn’t get ruined. First of all, can we be your friend? Second of all, we bet all this preservation secretly grinds your gears as you can’t remember which pair of shoes are in which box. That’s where this handy shoe life hack steps in (see what we did there?).

Shoe Life Hack 5: Opening Wine with a Shoe

You’ve had an awful day in the office, traffic was a nightmare and you got caught in the rain – this bottle of wine you’ve grabbed on the way over to your friend’s house is liquid salvation. But wait…they haven’t got a corkscrew? What kind of person hasn’t equipped their kitchen with a bottle opener? Not to worry – shoes to the rescue!

Shoe Life Hack 6: Slouching Boots

And after all that wine drinking, be sure to keep your empty bottles if you’re a lover of boots above ankle length. With the aid of our final hack, you can now display your leg huggers with pride and break-free from sad-looking slouching boots.

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