It’s Tuesday; we’re still more at the beginning of the working week than we are the end, you’re still getting your sleep cycle back to normal from the weekend, and to be perfectly honest, Tuesday just sort of feels like Monday Part 2. We totally get it. We also get that at this time of the day – sometimes it’s enjoyable to have a teenie-tiny skive to regenerate our brains for the work that’s still left to do before home time.

With this in mind, we reckon a good way to get your brains in check is with a fun, quick fire quiz. Ladies and gentleman, we present to you our very own: schuh VS movie quiz (sorry it’s shoe themed…we have a problem).

Basically all you have to do is; take a look at the movie still and from there guess; which iconic movie the still is from; name the shoes in the image. Funnily enough, we have all the featured shoes available to purchase from our site – we’ve also handily thrown in some product links with the answers at the bottom so they’re nice and easy to find – so uh, just throwing that out there.

Without further ado (and product pushing) let’s make a start on that quiz:



Right, we’ve started things off pretty easy here. Who is that muscly man, brazen enough to put his hi-tops near his mother’s kitchen room chairs? Hint: he’s not too fussy on new-fangled tech.




Hint: Nobody puts these sneakers in the corner.




Bit harsh. Hint: We’re actually a pretty huge fan of these quintessential British boots from this British film.




Hint: You were most likely drooling at this secret agent’s guns during this scene – and no, we don’t mean of the weapon variety.




Hint: These may not be the exact pair worn in the movie, but we reckon you can still click your heels together and get places wearing them.




Hint: These guys may not be the brightest bunch, but they can definitely make you crack a smile. Or cringe…loads.


Alright girls and boys, that’s the end of our quiz. Time to tally up how you did with the answers below and get your shop on if you like what you see – an extra few minutes of skiving never hurt anyone, right?



1: Converse All Star Hi trainers, worn by Will Smith in I, Robot.

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2: Keds trainers, worn by Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing.

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3: Dr Martens boots, as seen in This Is England.

Shop the look: Dr Martens 1460 Boots

mens dr martens 1460 boots in black with airwair sole


4: adidas Gazelle trainers, worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall.

Shop the look: adidas Gazelle 2 Trainers 



5: Red glittery heels, worn by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz.

Shop the look: Irregular Choice Dazzle Razzle Glitter Heels 



6: New Balance 574 trainers, worn by Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber To.

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Happy schuh shopping!