Allow us to pop on a cravat and stroke our chin. We’d like to take this opportunity to talk about art… wait, where are you going? Here are some pictures.

This is how we announced to the world that we’re opening our very first overseas store, in Germany. Ahead of this landmark opening we commissioned the Dortmund based art collective, YAWN to work their magic on the hoarding outside our exciting new store. YAWN stands for Yeah Awesome Wow Nice and they were handpicked by schuh due to a shared love of music, youth culture and fashion.


YAWN art for schuh Germany


The inspiration behind the art was a comic book cloud. Out of which, came flailing arms and legs which coincidentally were wearing Vans Old Skool and Nike Roshe. The event generated big buzz with many a bemused German stopping to ask questions, take photos and generally getting excited about their new Schuh store that just so happens to be called… schuh.

schuh comes to Germany

YAWN art for schuh Germany


The same day, and slightly closer to home (Sheffield to be exact) another live art installation took place. This time courtesy of local legend, Kid Acne. Kid Acne is a self-proclaimed ‘modern day renaissance man’ and having previously worked with the likes of Kenzo and Prada, he understandably jumped at the chance of working for schuh. His work is often character based, Sheffield based, but it’s always damn good.

Kid Acne art for schuh

Kid Acne doing what he does best

Kid Acne’s creation featured his iconic characters, shoes and sayings that only people from Sheffield would understand. Tha knows.


Kid Acne Art for schuh Sheffield


Kid Acne art for schuh Sheffield