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Here at schuh, we take our shoes very seriously. You may have noticed, but that’s pretty much our obsession. There comes a time when our obsessive (or as we like to think of it, lovably passionate) nature reaches another level – and the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one such occasion. Things in the office have become pretty heated as comic book lovers and movie buffs alike debate the only issue relevant right now: who will win? We’ve pitted #TeamBatman against #TeamSuperman in our own mini battle and the results were as intense as we expected.

First up in the black & yellow corner, we have Chrid & Christopher:

Chrid: First off, I am #TeamBatman through and through.  Bruce Wayne has no super powers.  He’s just a mega-rich guy with a massive social conscience/sense of vigilantism who tries. REALLY. HARD.  And then wins.  Superman is a being with phenomenal physical strength which – while nothing unusual on his own world – make him (what should be) an unbeatable opponent on this one. The problem is he is so WHINEY, he can’t see past his own (admittedly sad) back story.  His home world was destroyed. Sad. He grew up with adopted parents who really loved him. Not sad.  Batman didn’t have parents because he SAW THEM GUNNED DOWN IN FRONT OF HIM BECAUSE HE INSISTED ON LEAVING THE THEATRE! In conclusion, Batman is better than Superman.

Christopher: Batman is Gotham’s protector. He protects not only its people but the rights of Gotham’s citizens to walk the street without fear. He feels as though he owes Gotham a debt because his parents made it into a great city and it’s being slowly destroyed by street criminals and evil masterminds. Plus, Batman has the better roster of villains. The Joker, Penguin, Two Faced. The Joker is the fictional poster boy for maniac criminals who just want to watch things burn.

batman comic converse

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And in the blue & red corner wearing their pants over some tights, we have Aileen & Steve:

Aileen: Though I think Chrid’s opening point is valid, and normally I would be #TeamBatman, I have just recently watched “Man of Steel” for the first time, and for the first time I liked Superman. I’m #TeamSuperman because for once we have a gritty Superman. The origin of this Superman is similar to previous ones, but its effect on him was akin to Batman’s; he didn’t even know about his alien parents and homeworld destruction until after his father, who raised him, loved him, and taught him it’s better to fit in and be safe than stand out and be persecuted, was killed in front of him. And unlike Batman, who was a helpless child, Superman knew he could have saved his father but didn’t, because his father shook his head and told him not to. His father chose to die than let his son show he was different and be treated differently for that. That is far more tragic than Batman, in my opinion.

Steve: Superman has the powers of a god but it still massively limited by his individual form. He has near omnipotence with his super senses yet he has to make choices every second on who to save and who not to. That’s his curse, one rarely addressed in film, but its a pain that no other superhero has to face. Superman is the most powerful superhero ever, and that is amazing on two fronts. Firstly, that it means of course that he is amazing, but furthermore that he can give some of the most exciting and interesting fights in all comics but also he is always holding back, no matter the enemy. It may sound crap cause its all “Oh he could beat them easily” but that is just an example of his compassion, no matter who he is fighting he has the compassion to hold back for them, to give them a fair chance to live.

superman comic converse

Men’s Superman Converse Chuck Taylor Trainers

Well, there you have it. Two sides of the argument – no-one can say we don’t take our comic books seriously. So all that’s left is to ask – who’s side are you on? Let us know whether you’re #TeamBatman or #TeamSuperman and why in the comments below. Keen for more? Shop all the DC Comic Converse here.