What: Behind the scenes with UGG Australia

Where: West London

Every day we see hundreds of glossy photo shoots in magazines, in shop windows and on billboards. They look stunning and effortless; because it’s easy to create a fashion shoot, right? Wrong. Behind every chic fashion shoot you see, there’s a team of talented people coiffing, styling, directing and assisting.

Now we’re not saying it isn’t fun, because it really is. Here’s a little peek behind the scenes on our latest collaboration with UGG Australia and blogger Snoochie Shy.

It was a lovely sunny day when we arrived and Shy was already working her styling magic. Shy’s a blogger, presenter and stylist who loves UGG Australia boots and has since she was a young girl. Fast forward a few years and the super cool blogger has been chosen to style her an exclusive AW boot edit for schuh.

Everything was cool, calm and collected as the team scouted locations around West London and discussed which styles to shoot where. Row of boots covered the floor, tables and any free workspace. It was a boot lovers’ dream. That’s all of us then.

When Shy finished picking pieces for each of the key looks, we set off to shoot. It can be instant or take a while to get the perfect shot. From birds and dogs, building work, or bin lorries (oh the glamour!), there’s always something that can ruin a great shot. When you do get it, you know you’ve nailed it.

The finished result? An amazing set of images highlighting our favourite UGG Australia boots for AW15, starring one of our blogging besties. See some more behind the scenes pictures below.

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4West London provides a sweet backdrop

6Girl knows how to work it – looking on point in the Orion

UGG Australia Joey Black Leather Chelsea BootsShy having a right laugh between takes | wearing the Joey