With rays of sun starting to poke through the clouds as we roll in to spring, it’s a perfect time to introduce you to a brand that you’ll be seeing a lot of this summer.  So, say hi to Solillas.

Solillas were started by a couple that loved spending hazy days in Ibiza. We’ll leave you to your own personal interpretation of a hazy Ibiza day, whether it’s memory gaps from an all dayer at a pool party, sleeping off a big night of clubbing on the sun loungers or a more serene enjoyment of the golden beaches and UNESCO world heritage sites. Whichever it is, you’ll want to be looking good from the feet up whilst doing it.

This husband and wife team will be able to help you with that. The products are influenced by their fond memories of wearing Menorcan sandals as children and their designs are inspired by the free spirited culture of the Balearics. They’ve crafted a range that encapsulates the laid back look, but includes enough bold features to grab attention.


Solillas are the real deal too. These are not an imitation product, you know like facon (vegetarian bacon) or sangria mocktails. These Menorcan sandals are crafted using traditional techniques and high quality materials. They’re all handmade by a man named Carlos and his team based in Menorca. You can’t get any more legit than that.

This level of authenticity doesn’t mean they have to be worn exclusively in the heat of the Balearics though. The Original in tan  will match with all your spring/summer wardrobe essentials, meaning there’s no reason not to crack them out as soon as the sun shines. Then again, if you’re as free spirited as those from the Mediterranean islands that influenced the brand, you may not need to wait for peak warmth in the UK summer and will rock them whatever the weather to bring your own ray of sunshine to the day.

Solillas Originals in Tan

Cool Colourways

You know as well as we do that pastels are the palette of the moment. The brand match their traditional production methods with bang on trend colourways too. The Original in a lovely, dusty pale blue is perfect proof of this.

Solillas Original in Blue

Maybe you want to bring more sparkle to your boho look? Perhaps invoking memories of the shimmering sunlight on the rippling blue sea from a Balearic beach or nothing nearly as pretentious – some people just like glitter, OK. Whatever your reason for wanting that slightly glitzier look, then the Original also comes in a glittery pale pink.

Solillas Original in Pink

With more lines to be added too, Solillas will keep you cool in the heat this summer with a laid back boho style that will make you want to make a Balearic beach your home until autumn.