In part two of our boot camp series, we turn our attention to long boots. It’s getting colder, drizzlier and drearier outside and it’s time to face the music. Summer is over. Man, we’re full of the joys…

We do like to look at the positives though; we think it’s easier to dress better in winter than in summer. Would you agree? With endless options for layering, knitwear, tights, hats and scarves – there’s loads to be excited about. Today, knee high, over the knee and thigh high are all on the agenda.

Let’s kick off with the knee high variety. A definite crowd pleaser, Kate Moss’ favourite style of boots are a seasonal classic. Flat or heeled, knee highs complement almost any outfit and are very easy to wear. The A list have long made the knee high their boot of choice.

That was until the return of the thigh high. Now we know that stand out thigh highs are not for the faint hearted. Will you be trying them? The over the knee, or thigh high, is the boot of choice for the more fashion forward, think Olivia Palermo (our style crush) and Millie Mackintosh, or more outlandish celebs who like to be noticed like Miley and Ri Ri.

Then there’s the over the knee boot. The in-between style is perfect for those who are not quite ready to commit to the full on thigh high look. A bit higher than a standard knee boot, this style is a good middle ground. We don’t all boast supermodel pins, so even the shorties out there (like me) can try this style.

The effortless equestrian vibe – Gallopschuh Gallop Boot

The VIP treatment – Spark
schuh Spark Boot

Happy boot shopping.