New to schuh, flip flop brand Gandys comes with a heart-warming back story. Founded by young brothers Rob and Paul Forkan, who were tragically orphaned after the Boxing Day Tsunami, the brand focuses on doing good by giving 10% of its profits to orphanages in developing countries.

Rob and Paul Forkan were travelling the world, alongside their parents and two younger siblings, when they were touched by tragedy. The family were spending Christmas in Sri Lanka when the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami hit: the children managed to escape but sadly their parents lost their lives.

Rob and Paul decided to turn their tragedy into something positive, and created a brand based on the strong values their parents had instilled in them. The Orphans for Orphans mission is to build orphanages in developing countries in honour of their parents.

Gandys first target is to sell 230,000 pairs of shoes and build their first Orphanage, they are hoping to do this in 2014, 10 years after the Boxing Day Tsunami hit. This summer, do something good: buy a pair of Gandys.