Ellesse Anzie in white retro style

If you’re heading to  university in the next few weeks, you’ll probably be thinking about all the new people you’re about to meet. More importantly, you’re probably going through your whole wardrobe deciding what to wear. Well, our student years have taught us that many of the people you’ll meet, can be slotted pretty succinctly into a few categories largely defined by fashion choices. We’re pairing up our favourite student stereotypes with their ideal shoes to find out what your shoes say about you.

The Edgy One and The ellesse Anzia

Once an avid fan of the UK Top 40, the Edgy One has undergone a complete transformation just in time for university. Now they’re all about those sick house mixes and are the most likely to commandeer the speakers at any party. They might look like they’ve stolen their retro sportswear garms from a giant, but it was all intentional. Festival wear is every-day wear – and a stick-on bindi is never out of place. These fresh ellesse kicks are just about edgy enough.

Birkenstock Arizona Two-Strap in Magic Galaxy

The World Traveller and The Birkenstock

You’ll probably find the World Traveller deep in competitive story-telling with other gap-year go-ers about their experience rescuing orphaned butterflies in the Amazon, or teaching yoga that they learned from the greatest Yogi in the whole of India. The World Traveller is brimming with confidence and ready to embrace student life (but not life out of their Birkenstock sandals). They can be easily spotted by their fresh tan, multiple string bracelets and questionable tattoos.


schuh Encounter crushed velvet heels in black

The Glam Gal and schuh Encounter

No matter how grotty your student union is, there will always be that one girl who insists on going all out and wearing heels, just like the schuh Encounter heel. You’ll start to suspect that she has employed a full-time glam squad – because her makeup is always FLAWLESS. The Glam Gal doesn’t restrict her fabulousness to nights out though, guaranteed she’ll look pristine even for her 9am lectures and cheer practice.


Clarks Originals Desert Boots in Navy Leather

The Intellectual and The Clarks Originals Desert Boot

The intellectual is way above you – the entire works of Plato taking pride of place on their book shelf, and the fact that they’ve traded their trainers for nice grown-up shoes like these Desert Boots should show you that. Be prepared, they’ll try and engage you in a discussion about the current state of the economy when all you want to do is make sure you’re at the club before free entry ends. Their drink of choice is a full-bodied red, the label of which they’ll examine through some really cool looking (but probably unnecessary) reading glasses.


Dr Martens Hug Me in 3-Eye Turquoise

The Big Name on Campus and pretty much anything bold

You’ll see them as soon as you get to university. The Bnoc knows everyone and everyone knows them. They’ll have a prominent place in a sports team/society/student union and inevitably will still be hanging around campus for at least two years after they’ve graduated. If university were like school – these would be the ‘cool’ kids. They’re here for the long haul and are all about getting noticed, so these Dr Martens are spot on.