schuh kids: it’s schuh for smaller feet. Same awesome brands and whatnot, just littler. And cuter – what is it about tiny shoes that makes even the most un-ma/paternal of us coo? Look, they fit in your hand! In your very hand!

Note, this is the averagely sized hand of a 20 something girl. Not a giant’s hand.

And there’s more multi-coloured, fancy patterned, cartoon bedecked goodness to be had, including UGG boots, Converse and Vans. Check this little lot out:

So, what are you waiting for, grab a lil’ pair and declare your kid the coolest on the block. Or give a pair to your favourite small person and earn some serious cool aunty/uncle points.

The collection’s available online and in selected stores, where they can even fit little shoes for you. Bonus!