bella thorne wearing white juju jellies babe sandals

When it comes to Bella Thorne, there’s a lot to be envious of. From her gorgeous looks, teen celeb status and red-headed locks, life is pretty good for the rising American starlet. When she was pictured at a festival pool party at this year’s Coachella, looking all long-limbed and lovely, we wanted to steal her style (and also her long legs and abs obv).

Now while we can’t give you the legs that stop just below your armpits and the matching 6-pack, the on-trend sandals we can do. No need to be jelly any longer.

bella thorne wearing white juju jellies babe sandals

This is how we look in our JuJu Jellies too.

Pair the fresh white JuJu Jellies Babe sandals with a multitude of outfits – from a sweet sundress to skinny jeans or denim cut-offs a’la Bella at Coachella.

women's white juju jellies babe sandals

Are you ready for this jelly? We think so.

If plastic fantastic styles are not your thing, shop the rest of our women’s sandals range. There should be plenty to pick from so you’ll be the Bella of the ball wherever you go (we’ll stop with the Bella puns now).