This is a pretty special collaboration. A meeting of greats. The Clarks Originals desert boot has been re-imagined in all its glory by luggage experts Herschel Supply Co. And it has arrived.

Introduced in 1950 by young shoemaker Nathan Clark, the first Clarks Originals Desert Boot was designed to be worn by soldiers at war. Inspired by the need for durable, comfortable shoes with a firm ankle support, the initial design he produced remains unchanged today. Aside from some great collaborations that is, of which this is one of the best.

Vancouver-based heritage brand Herschel, started by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack in 2009, is well known for boasting similar qualities to the boots themselves. That is, being mighty strong and tough with a classic, no nonsense style. Their backpacks, bags and luggage are renowned for their quality and stylish use of mixed materials.

So, onto the main event. Just look at it. It’s very pleasing on the eye. The iconic silhouette remains unchanged, but the addition of a mixed material upper adds even more greatness.

A selvedge denim heel cap, luxe navy leather upper and the signature Herschel striped lining are all sit perfectly atop the crepe sole we know and love. Not forgetting those leather laces.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with a Clarks Originals desert boot at any time of the year. It’s a cult classic. You don’t even need any reasons. This is definitely one for the collection. Enjoy.