The Converse Chuck Taylor II has been storming the sneaker scene for some time now so what better way to keep you streetwear nerds ahead of the game than to bring you the coolest collaboration yet; say hello to graffiti artist Futura.

American artist Futura also known as Lenny McGurr makes it the first ever collaboration with the Chuck II. The Brooklyn-based graphic designer is a pioneer in the world of graffiti, spray painting his way through the New York City subway in the late 70s and 80s to decorating the backdrops for the Clash as they performed live on stage during their 1981 European tour. It is only right that he partnered up with Converse to bring you what may be a collectable for some sneakerheads or just some pretty sweet kicks to show off your street cred’.


There’s a style to suit everyone’s needs; whether you’re a fan of the ever popular hi-top, the Chuck II Hi X Futura is the one for you or if you like keeping things on the down low, you surely don’t want to miss out on the Chuck II Ox X Futura.


The streamlined profile features all the aesthetics of the ever-popular Chuck II: the technology and comfort combined with the distinctive elements of the abstract street art that Futura is recognised for promotes the energy and skill-set that he puts into all of his designs. This camouflage beauty is street style at its finest and will leave you wanting more. His quirky style and geometric patterns are recognisable throughout the graffiti world so what better way to sport his work than to wear them on your feet.

To boast some extra serious style points the Chuck II features weatherised rubber, ready to take on those rainy days of doom and gloom whilst keeping your style game strong. Futura even leaves his unique stamp on the Nike Lunarlon insoles, celebrating his graffiti culture at every inch possible whilst promoting all-day comfort.

Channel your inner creativity and unleash your self-expression with another outstanding performance from Converse.

So don’t miss out; Go Hi – Chuck II Hi X Futura or Go LowChuck II Ox X Futura. You know you won’t regret it.

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