dr martens 1460 8 eye womens leather boots with multicoloured print of william hogarth's a rake's progress painting

Dr Martens and William Hogarth; probably not two names you would naturally put together, right? But after one glance at the collaboration between the footwear brand and The Soane Museum, we’re sure you’ll agree that the two go together like paint on canvas.

After their collaboration with influential graphic artist Mark Wigan earlier on this year, Dr. Martens continue to fuse famous art with their classic silhouettes for AW. For those art buffs out there, we’re sure you’re more than familiar with ‘A Rake’s Progress’ by the legendary English painter and pictorial satirist. For those of you more familiar with shoes and fashion (guilty), let us take you on a brief art history lesson on the story behind the artwork. ‘A Rake’s Progress’ is a series of eight paintings by Hogarth, following the unceremonious decline of a poor chap called Tom Rakewell. Tom was an heir of a rich merchant, who, after he got hold of his inheritance, didn’t invest in property or something equally as responsible, but instead went on a bit of a bender. He made it rain for expensive clothing, gambling and the rest of life’s vices, until reality informed him harshly that he was failing in trying to fund a lifestyle he couldn’t afford (pretty much us at the end of every month). Tom ended up getting thrown into prison and then papped off to Bedlam, which is actually quite a sad end to the tale. Moral of the story; if you win the lottery, keep it together.

Now that you’re up to speed, why not grab your own pair of the Dr Martens 1460 8-Eye William Hogarth boots and wow everyone with your art history knowledge? If these aren’t your cup of tea, check out our full women’s boots range now.