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Dr Martens have once again nailed their latest collaboration with the adolescent icons of the hit 90’s MTV cartoon; Beavis and Butt-Head. In possibly the most rebellious partnership of 2017, the metal loving lunkheads are seen thrashing out across the two exclusive new designs of the signature 8-eye Doc’s.

dr martens beavis butt-head mtv

Always staying true to their unruly and self-expressive roots, Dr Martens and Beavis and Butt-Head are a perfect pairing, it’s a wonder they haven’t done it before. Dr Martens’ strong association with the world of music gigs and rock and roll is one shared with MTV’s controversial duo. A mutual streak of rebellion is what we believe brought these icons together. Poking fun at this epiphany themselves in an exclusive teaser trailer for the new capsule collection, the tag line reads; “some things are worth waiting for”. And they weren’t wrong.

dr martens beavis butt head mtv black white

Daring, loud and bad-ass, were a few of many words that came to mind when we first saw these iconic boots land. The 8 Eyes feature the new brand ambassadors centre stage, thrashing air guitar and throwing devil horns, a favoured past-time for these teenage delinquents. Available in two bold colourways; black and blue or black and white, choose your preferred background (or don’t, and buy both!) and wear this guffawing pair with pride.

dr martens beavis butt head mtv black blue

Horns up, friends, and pick up a pair of these legendary boots before they’re gone. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our men’s and women’s Dr Martens boots and shoes.