Ah January, it can be a long month. Dull days without the aid of festive decoration to lighten the place up, less partying, less presents and you’re back at work – a few of you might even be back at work on a detox *shudder*. But in the immortal words of Bryan Adams, don’t give up. If you feel you’re lagging behind, join us now as we fire some inspirational quotes* your way to lift your mood and get you pumped into February.

*Disclaimer: some may be shoe themed…ok they’re all shoe themed.

  1. When your trusty eight-years-strong trainers form a hole and it’s finally time to let go:



  1. When you find yourself torn by tough life choices:



  1. To reiterate number 2:



That’s what fabulous return policies are for.


  1. When things are going wrong:



That’s what wellies are for.


  1. When you can detect a lot of judgement in the air, email this to the owner of the shade:



  1. And finally:



Like new shoes.

Happy Friday!