We adore prints, and we love pineapples here at schuh H.Q. So when we saw the latest Flossy (pineapple print!), we immediately knew our prayers for the perfect summer shoe had been answered.

Flossy have teamed up with uber stylish Paris-based blogger Audrey Leighton of ‘Be Frassy’ fame. Audrey writes and curates a hugely popular fashion and beauty blog befrassy.com. Drawing in up to 850,000 views per month, it’s safe to say the lovely Audrey knows more than a thing or two about fashion (and shoes). Her impeccable personal style is fun and flirty, and she’s not afraid to experiment with colours, shapes and textures.

We caught up with Audrey on her travels (she lives between Paris and Barcelona, I know, nice right?) to find out where the inspiration for her pineapple Flossy shoes came from and how she would style them up.

Frassy Flossy Shoes

Audrey wears her pineapple Flossy shoes so well.

Pineapples may be the fruit of the moment but what made you choose them for your first Flossy collab? “I’m a real health fanatic, I have an obsession with fruit and I eat a lot of fruit, so I thought, why not wear some fruit too? Pineapples seemed like such a fun tropical choice.

I wanted to design a shoe as fun as it is practical, the perfect pair to throw in your suitcase for a warm weather adventure.” She added.

Because you can’t wear heels all of the time, Audrey added: “I love Flossys because they are incredibly comfortable. I’ve been wearing them all summer.” We hear you on that one Audrey!

We are fond of a statement shoe, and we were quick to agree with Audrey that the Frassy Flossy looks great with “a simple white dress or some basic colour blocking.” She also loves to clash her prints and has rocked hers with some other seriously fruity designs.

How will you wear yours?