schuh x confetti crowd customisation post

In case you missed it, we recently held a crazy creative customisation workshop with our girls, the Confetti Crowd. It was SUPER FUN and insanely inspiring.

Our women’s product designer Claire gave the girls a master class in shoe customisation techniques, and they set to work creating their very own personalised schuhs.

The finished shoes received so much love that we thought we’d show you some easy #schuhxConfettiCrowd inspired DIYs you can recreate easily at home.

We took one of our favourite schuhs – the chic white Creep Lo plimsoll and made it over three ways. We’re all over platform trainers right now.

To get started, fill your boots at your local craft shop and go as wild as you like. This particular DIY is all about colour and embellishment (see pom poms), but keep an eye on the schuh blog for more crafty customs, coming soon.


Pink and what?

schuh customisation DIY shoes

Pink is hot, but a lot of us are wary of looking too girly. We’re not scared, and frankly, we can’t get enough bubble gum, rose and Barbie pink tones right now, so Amy decided to own it and using fabric paint, painted our plimsoll completely pink. TOP TIP: use masking tape to cover the sole and any areas you don’t want to paint.

schuh customisation post

We used a high tack fabric glue to add some lilac fluff to the tongue and a selection of mini pom poms to the heel.

  1. Masking tape all areas you don’t want to paint.
  2. Carefully paint the canvas in your chosen shades of pink.
  3. Allow to dry then gently remove masking tape.
  4. Pom poms ready. Apply glue to heel area, spreading with a fine paintbrush, then firmly press on pom poms to heel area. Repeat process for fluffy tongue. Allow glue to dry overnight.

Pom Poms all round

schuh customisation post

We’re mad about fun, colour and pom poms. We’re also partial to a bit of animal print too (who isn’t), so for design two Cara used a leopard felt to create a heel panel, then simply glued mini pom poms all the way around the shoe. TOP TIP: use a slim paintbrush to spread the glue carefully, and apply liberally to ensure they stick fast.


  1. Use masking tape to make a template of the area you want to cover – this is an easy way to get the shape. Peel it off and draw around it onto the back of your chosen fabric. Cut out the shape and you’ll be left with the right shape.
  2. Glue the panel on to the heel area and allow to dry completely.
  3. Select your pom poms and have them to hand. Apply glue in small sections, spread with a paintbrush and stick them on carefully, pressing firmly to make them absorb some glue. Work your way around until you meet in the middle.

Paint the Rainbow

schuh customisation post
Colour blocking never gets old, so for our final shoe, Claire painted each panel in a different shade. Again, use the masking tape trick here to get it nice and neat. We added neon accents with fabric pens and finished the shoe off with rainbow ribbon by gluing it all the way around the platform sole. TOP TIP: Paint the tongue first and let it dry, so it doesn’t smudge.

 schuh customisation post

  1. Using the masking tape, cover any areas you don’t want to paint.
  2. Carefully paint each section in your chose colour and allow to dry fully (as per the instructions on your paint)
  3. Using neon fabric pens, carefully colour in the piping/edging of the shoe.
  4. Once dry, using the glue, paint a section of the ribbon at a time and attach round the sole.

Which shoe is your favourite? We love them all, and can’t wait to wear them. Who said you can’t wear pom pom’s to the office? Check out the chunky white Creep Lo plimsolls. How would you customise yours?

schuh x confetti crowd customisation post