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Graduation – the bright light at the end of a dark sleepless dissertation tunnel. You’ve pretty much almost made it, the end is near and you’ve just got one final thing to do – style that ridiculously unflattering hooded gown. Yip, we’re talking graduation glam here on the schuh blog. It’s time to turn that ceremonial procession into a cat-walk, with some Graduation Glam do’s and don’ts and let your feet do all the talking.

First things first, who wouldn’t want to step out in something new as you celebrate the next chapter of your life? Graduation is a major event for a lot of people and the first thing that goes through any girls head is ‘what on earth do I wear with such a ridiculous gown’. Plus, all eyes are going to be on you as you awkwardly lock eyes with the Vice Chancellor of the academic world, praying you don’t fall on your ass in front of what feels like the entire nation. And if you do – embrace it, at least if you do, you can look glam whilst doing so. That’s where we come in handy. So ladies, put your best foot forward, browse some of our glam beauties and read some of our helpful graduation do’s and don’ts while you’re at it.

Do – wear something comfortable, dress, shoes, the lot. It’s going to be a standing about, waiting in line kinda day.
Do – Keep it classy. There’s professional photos to be taken.

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Don’t  – wear your slippers, that’s just too comfortable.

Do – add a pop of colour. After all it is only your feet we see, so you might as well brighten up those ugly black gowns.

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Do – Glam it up, with elegance obviously. Go for gold, you might as well with that First-Class Honours Degree.

blake-lively-graduation-blog-schuhImage credit: – Blake Lively

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Do – wear flats. If you’re one of us tall gals or have the ultimate fear of falling over, it’s maybe a good idea. Flattery at it’s best.

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Don’t – over do it. It’s a path to your future – so keep it real. Hayley Baldwin might look pretty sassy in her lemon/chair embroidered sheer dress but remember this is your graduation. So, unless you’re going to be Britain’s Next Top Model, keep it real. You have plenty time to glam it up at the grad ball.

 graduation blog shcuh hayley baldwinImage credit: – Hayley Baldwin

Oh & finally, Don’t – decorate your hat, like we said don’t over do it. We can leave that to the go-all-out American college grads. They love that stuff. We’ll just let our feet to do all the talking, after all it’s what we’re best at.

So well done, ladies, you made it this far. You’ve gone and awarded yourself with one more degree; styling that unflattering, over-sized gown. Easy-peasy!

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Guys, don’t worry, we have definitely not forgotten about you. You’ve got it easy, piece together your favourite suit and style it with the right brogues and you’re laughing. Check out our Guide To What Shoes To Wear With A Suit.