So that’s it, another year of festivities almost over. The big day has passed, and we don’t know about you – but we’ve had a blast. We’ve managed to get off the couch, fasten our jeans (well that was quite a struggle after the Christmas Day feast let us tell you) and pop on our favourite snuggly slippers to share with you some of our favourite shoes we unwrapped yesterday. Forget the 6am sales and cold turkey sandwiches; join the revolution and shun the tradition – this is our schuh Unboxing day.

If your little ones were lucky enough to get a pair from the amazing schuh kids sale, then they might be unboxing this sweet pair of Vans Authentic. If not, there’s still plenty more Vans where those came from, for both the big and little kids out there.

The Dr Martens Stone 8 Eye Tattoo is another sweet option in this year’s sale – the iconic silhouette with an attitude packed twist is a must have. Like what you see? Check out the full Dr Martens range here.

Last up, the New Balance 670 sprints in and pops out of our last Christmas box. Retro running was a huge trend this year; and New Balance are up there with the best.

As always, we love to hear from fellow schuhbies. Tis the season for sharing and shoes, so combine the best of both and #unboxingday to share with us your favourite schuh presents you’ve been unwrapping. Tag us in your Instagram video or Vine and share the post-Christmas joy.

P.s now the present giving has passed, it’s time to treat yourself. Pop online and check out the rest of our men’s and women’s shoes to nab a bargain in this year’s sale.