Introducing the New Balance 710

If Bear Grylls was cool, he’d grow a massive beard, chuck on a Nordic backpack and head out into the wild. If he was really cool, he’d pull on a pair of New Balance hiking boots. He would then make full use of his wilderness ways and survival skills to keep his awesome new hiking boots looking absolutely pristine.

You’re not Bear Grylls. But if you are, then we actually do think you’re cool and we would give anything to have your really wild skills. Instead we have to settle for looking the part. Fortunately the New Balance 710 allow us to do exactly that: appear to be at one with nature whilst walking (hiking) one step ahead of the switched on set.

The New Balance 710 is a great example of a mid-cut trail shoe and is the perfect storm of hiking boot and sneaker. Its navy suede upper is accented by electric blue mesh panels. They’re tough, sturdy and rugged. And yes they are breathable. A dash of bright orange will allow you to negotiate a style in style.

If you thought that New Balance just did running shoes, think again. And if you thought that hiking boots weren’t cool, definitely think again.