What do Snoop Dogg, Hugh Hefner and Alexa Chung have in common? Certainly not their fashion creds, that’s for sure.

Got it? The unlikely trio share a fondness for slippers. Yes, slippers. Not just reserved for pipe wielding granddads anymore, slippers are actually cool.

There’s definitely a faction of hipsters who choose to wear their velvet numbers down the Broadway Market (more of a Lord Disick vibe we think), but it’s the hungover yoots who know how to do it right.

I mean, who doesn’t love to lounge? Wet windy weather, and weekends in general, were made for Homeys. Warm feet are a key factor in getting cosied up on the sofa. Sometimes a blanky and even cranking the heating up can’t warm the toes up. And there’s nothing worse than trying to watch back to back episodes of GOT or Ray Donovan with blocks of ice for feet.

The new range from Homeys is cosy and comfy with a fleece lining so there’s no need to ever have cold feet again.

They’re hard wearing (for trips to the kitchen and back when you can be bothered moving) and have easy on/off Velcro for mega laziness when it comes to bed time. Oh and there’re loads of cool prints to choose from.

These house shoes (as Snoop calls them) are ticking all of the boxes for us. Our advice is to save these babies for indoor wear only. Hugh Hefner dressing gown optional.