Preppy fashion started in the early 1900s and by the late 40s and 50s it was the uniform of the Ivy Leaguers partly down to the fact that the pioneers of prep, J. Press and Brooks Brothers, had stores on college campuses at Yale, Harvard and Princeton. The traditional preppy look often has a sporty vibe with clothing designed for lesiure activities including sailig, yachting, tennis, golf and lacrosse.

Today it is a look often associated with off-duty city boys, the wives of future kings and the poster boy for modern day preppy, Ralph Lauren. It’s a strong style choice but one that has an enduring appeal and will work well for the summer months.

Here’s how to nail the preppy look, subtly, without a coloured chino in sight.

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Evan, £85

It takes a real man to wear pink but these Polo Ralph Lauren loafers seriously nail the preppy look. Wear them on Wednesdays.

Sperry Boat Shoe

2. Mens Sperry Authentic 2-eye boat shoes, £85

Sperry is a quintessentially American brand and this boast shoe is both wholesome and traditional, Perfectly prep-tastic.


Bass Loafer

3. Mens Bass Larson Penny Loafer, £105

These aren’t cheap but a pair of Bass loafers are a sound investment for any self-respecting prepster. Find out more about the Penny Loafer here.



So there you have it, a simple guide to preppy style. You’re welcome.