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Regardless if you’re a self-proclaimed adidas aficionado or just fancy a cheeky five minute skive at work, test your knowledge by taking our Guess the Date: How Well Do You Know Your adidas Trainers test.

Born out of a passion to make revolutionary shoes and a fiery sibling rivalry, adidas was registered in 1949. Since then they’ve fired out some of the most groundbreaking styles seen in sneaker history, accommodating to tennis stars, skating heroes and running champions alike.

We’ve grabbed six of our favourite adidas silhouettes (below) and by clicking on each thumbnail it’ll take you to the date reveal, along with a little history of each profile. Reckon you’ll get 6/6? Let us know your score in the comments section.

adidas sl 72 trainers in green nylon and suede on yellow backgroundadidas stan smith trainers in white leather on blue background schuh blogadidas spezial trainers in navy suede with pale blue stripes on blue background schuh blog

adidas superstar trainers in white leather with black stripes on pale blue backgroundadidas country trainers in pink nylon with white striped on purple background schuh blogadidas gazelle trainers in res suede with white stripes on green background schuh blog

adidas sl 72 trainers in green suede with 1972 graphics

SL 72

The adidas SL 72 made its debut on the podiums during the 1972 Summer Olympics. The lightweight (SL = super light) sneaker was intended as a comfortable off-the-field shoe and track-n-field runners famously popped them on after they had crossed the finish line at the event in Munich. Widely believed to be one of the models that helped to launch the adidas Originals brand, the profile shot to fame as a versatile and fashion-forward lifestyle shoe in the ’80s and continues in popularity to present day.

adidas stan smith trainers in white leather with 1965 graphics

Stan Smith

The first adidas tennis shoe ever created was issued in 1963, before being rebranded as the adidas Rober Haillet in 1965, after the French tennis star. When Haillet retired from the sport, adidas rechristened the white leather profile the adidas Stan Smith in 1971, after the then #1 player in the world. The iconic design is now as synonymous with fashion as it is with tennis, being worn regularly by the likes of Marc Jacobs and Phoebe Philo. Fun fact: from 1973 to 1978, adidas had a bit on an identity crisis with the shoe during its rebranding transition, which saw all pairs manufactured during this period featuring Smith’s face on the tongue and ‘Haillet’ written above.

adidas spezial trainers with 1979 graphics


The adidas Spezial was specifically created as the first elite-level handball shoe in 1979. The profile was soon a style staple for the world’s finest players, famous for its durable four-zone construction sole which can cope easily with the pressure of fast and hard turns demanded from the sport. The sneaker was then adopted by the fashion pack in the ‘80s and continues to be a firm favourite amongst fans of the brand today.

adidas superstar trainers in white leather with black stripes and 1969 graphics


Originally released as a basketball shoe, the revolutionary technology that the adidas Superstar brought to the courts in 1969 made it an automatic success. Over 75% of all NBA players were rocking the profile within the first few years of its introduction, mainly because of its non-marking sole and now-iconic rubber shell toe protection. After dropping off the sneaker scene for a while, it was given a new lease of life thanks to hip-hop group Run DMC in the early ‘80s. The rap group refused to be styled by the usual pop standards of the time, instead insisting on dressing the same way on stage as they dressed in the streets. Included in their attire was the adidas Superstar, worn sans laces as a political statement to the lace-free look forced upon prisoners. It’s now a true icon and is super styled by everyone from celebrities to street style gods today.

adidas country og trainers in pale pink nylon with 1970 graphics

Country Og

The all-leather adidas Country was first released back in 1970, with the original ad campaign imploring running enthusiasts to ‘Run Longer. Run Faster. Run smarter’. Since then the sleek silhouette of the running shoe has sprinted its way to the top of sneaker enthusiast’s must-have list; with updated nylon and suede mix uppers sitting on top of the original die-cut EVA midsole.

adidas gazelle trainers in red suede with 1968 graphics


From being the product of the product endorsement controversy at the 1972 Munich summer Olympics (swimmer Mark Spitz held a pair of Gazelles in the air to celebrate his 200-meter freestyle win as they wouldn’t have been seen due to his baggy trousers otherwise) to being the go-to shoes of everyone from British football-followers, hip-hop stars, Oasis, Kate Moss, and a young Michael Jackson – it’s fair to say the adidas Gazelle has learnt its status as an icon. The minimalistic styling of the sneaker has seen many tweaks over the years but overall, it’s DNA has stayed true throughout and it’s still one of adidas’ bestselling profiles to present day; proving that true style never goes out of fashion.

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