Header image for Irregular Choice X Cinderella collection

Some people would think that it’s a bit much to say that a pair of shoes could change your life but here at schuh, we disagree. If you don’t believe us, take Cinderella as proof. Yes there was the dress, the pumpkin carriage and a fairy godmother that could rival the all of the Kardashian clan’s glam squads; but ultimately, it was that glistening glass slipper that led Cinders to her happy ever after.

All wrapped up in the the impossibly charming tale of love, people often forget that what Cinderella so desperately longed for wasn’t her Prince Charming, but a night off and a killer outfit. Girl had her priorities straight. And those glass slippers were the shoes to trump all shoes. Well now the hunt far and wide across the kingdom for the perfect pair is over – your feet can look just as good as Cinderella’s. Get your most glamorous outfits ready, because – thanks to Irregular Choice – you shall go to the ball! And the best bit is – you won’t have to give up your princess persona at the end of the night.

Gus and Lucifer from Irregular Choice X Cinderella

Whether it’s Alice in Wonderland or Star Wars, Irregular Choice have always delivered crazy, kitschy goodness with their collaborations and the Irregular Choice X Cinderella collection is no different. There’s glitter, bows, intricate details and all your favourite characters with beautiful flats to keep you on your feet even after the clock strikes midnight, and dazzling heels that are your (realistically more practical) answer to glass slippers. Trust us; even the Ugly Step-Sisters and their nightmare of a mother would look great in these.

We’re keeping as quiet as Gus and his pals trying to sneak past Lucifer for now, but keep your eyes peeled and we might just do a little bit of fairy godmother magic and make all your shoe dreams come true.