craig david and k swiss

So what do K-Swiss trainers and Craig David have in common? Aside from the fact you can easily picture him wearing a pair of tongue twisters with a wife beater, beanie with a pair of headphones over the top and baggy jeans back in the early noughties, 2016 is the year both have made their big comebacks.

Craig David’s Renaissance

Firstly we’ll rewind back to what has been a true renaissance for the man who gave us the absolute screamer ‘7 Days’ (let us remind you of him getting that quality ball barnet in his prime). Where’s he been for the best part of nearly 15 years? That Bo Selecta parody really rattled him, being the main caricature for the program really did not go down well with Craig, even being quoted as wanting to ‘’knock out” Leigh Francis at one point. Thankfully he’s calmed right down now.

So long story short, Craig takes himself over to Miami, buys a house and is now runs the hugely popular TS5 club night which originally started as a regular house party three years ago – someone’s doing very well for themselves. But this year we’ve not really been able to get away from him, with some tunes that are never off the radio such as ‘When the Baseline Drops’ with Big Narstie, the sound of the streets really have been comin’ through our aerials. Aside from that, he’s been all over the shop this summer, with appearances at the likes of Bestival and appearing on Kaytranada’s 99.9% album. Alright for some eh?


The K-Swiss Comeback


So how does K-Swiss fit into all of this? Well they themselves have had a bit of a revival this year, with none other than the tasty Court Classico being the best of the lot. Tell you what, these bad boys look so good you could meet a girl on a Monday, take her for a drink on Tuesday, having a bit of funny business Wednesday through to Saturday and by that point you’re run dry so need to chill on Sunday.


Nothing looks better than a crisp clean trainer these days; the popularity of the Stan Smith being a fine example, so K-Swiss brings us their own luxury sneaker that allows you to go from city streets, creative work spaces or even the boardroom in effortless style. When you’re Walking Away, people will definitely be asking you to Fill Me In on where you got them.


Not only does it come in the simple all white colourway, but also comes in an equally slick black and white. So What’s Your Flava? If for some reason neither are, then check out our full K-Swiss trainers range.