Skechers UK brand representative Kelly Brook interview

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you might have missed Skechers whizzing past you on the rise to becoming one of the most popular footwear brands in the world. Having recently become the second biggest fitness brand in America, the brand are going from strength to strength. I caught up with the ultra-fabulous Kelly Brook, the UK ambassador for their Memory Foam styles, at a recent Meet and Greet in our London Marble Arch store. We chatted about all things fitness, Skechers and how it was filming with handsome men and adorable puppies.

With a portfolio including modelling, acting and presenting, Kelly Brook has quite an extensive profile. Becoming the face of Skechers in the UK last year, the British star is the first non-American to represent the brand. I was super excited to get a chat with her and find out more about how it feels to be working with one of the world’s biggest footwear brands.

How does it feel to be the first British brand representative for Skechers?

I was over the moon when they asked me, I’ve always been a fan of the brand and I actually approached them. I said “You know I’m from the UK, I love Skechers, have you ever thought about doing anything in the UK?” and they hadn’t. They met with me and I went to Manhattan Beach and I spoke with them and said look I really love the brand, I think they’d do so well in the UK, I wear the shoes and I love the campaigns you do in America. I just felt having a British person representing the brand here would really benefit them and I’m so into fitness so sometimes you just need to plant that seed and then it all clicks. It’s been a phenomenal year.

So have you always been a fan of the brand? What is it you love about them?

I mean always, I loved all the campaigns with Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian and whenever I’d go to America I’d see these really glossy, bright, colourful campaigns always using beautiful girls looking so sporty. It was always accessible though, I never felt alienated from it. I just loved that whole vibe of it so I think it was just trying to emulate that here in the UK and raise more awareness for the brand.

kelly brook getting photgraphed at skechers event in schuh London Marble Arch store

They are really making waves in the fitness world right now – what do you do to keep fit? 

I do everything! I do a lot of walking in the park, running in the park, I ride my bike, I go to bootcamps, I do yoga, I go dancing. I’ll do anything really to keep myself active. What I love about Skechers is that you can go out with them on and go for a run in the park, but then you can go meet your friend for a coffee and you’re still looking quite stylish so I love that.

So do you wear them in everyday life as well as working out?

Yes – I have like every pair imaginable! The Memory Foam is so comfortable, they’re so easy to wear its like walking on air really.

Ok so tell me – what was it like to film those TV ads with all the hunky men and cute puppies? A hard day in the office huh?

Well… I actually prefer the puppies! They’re so cute, they don’t speak back – I’m only joking! I’ve just also shot another commercial last week in Manhattan Beach and that was also a dream! Gorgeous dogs. I’m always with gorgeous men or dogs it seems when I’m wearing Skechers.

kelly brook holding pink fabric skechers flex appeal obvious choice trainers with yellow accents at schuh London Marble Arch store

If the Skechers Pink Flex Appeal Obvious Choice trainers are bringing Kelly good cute dog and hot man karma, I’m buying a pair today.

Finally, when you’re not wearing your go-to Skechers, what would we find on your feet?

I like a good stiletto. I like a good heel, or a nice pair of Isabel Marant cowboy boots or something like that.

Meeting Kelly Brook left me with serious envy. Not only is she even more gorgeous in real life, she’s also lovely. I can’t think of anyone more fitting to fly the British flag for the brand. Find out what all the fuss is about and shop our full range Skechers here – I can’t promise you’ll look as great as Kelly but hey, your feet are a good place to start trying.