As the birth of the next Royal baby approaches, we decided to try and use our regal connections to get an exclusive inside scoop from one of the Palace corgis on their predictions as to whether the baby will be a boy or girl. Sadly, although the Queen’s pooches were otherwise engaged, we managed to get a very distant cousin to stand in and help us out. Everyone; meet Bentley.

In what could be our most exciting guest appearance yet (sorry Frankie, sorry Cupcake) Sir Bentley of schuh came to visit and give us a clue on what colour cardigan we should be knitting for the special arrival.

While he is very talented in many areas – including sitting, rolling and sleeping – speaking and/or writing is not one of Bentley’s skills. This meant we had to get creative, and have him pick between the super posh and extra-adorable pink or blue kids’ Hunter wellies.

Want to find out what he told us? Watch on to find out. Intrigued by our many furry friends? Then we think you’ll love what we have on our YouTube channel too.