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There are a certainly a few negatives being a tall gent in this day and age. Banging your head on doorways, steel girders (done it) and low hanging branches, having to put up with humming patter about ‘what the weather’s like up there’, and of course there’s the problem in finding shoes that cater for a size 13. Welcome to the life of men with size 13 feet.

Did you know that in 2009, a team of Swedish epidemiologists conducted a study into the relationship between shoe size and length of life. Slow year up in Sweden, but where else would I have got such great information? Apparently their results generally showed that men with average-sized feet have the best chances, while those at either extreme could find themselves heading for an early grave. So there’s a bit of grim news for you lads with big plates, however we are expected to live longer than those with little size 7/8s so got to take a win when you can eh?


Little hands holding a size 8

converse white and red all star oxford kids

Big hands holding the same shoe

Here’s another sweet fun fact for you, the biggest feet in Britain are owned by a Welsh rugby player, who is endowed with size 21 feet. Think yourself lucky gents that you’ve only got a size 13, think of the pain in trying to get a pair of ankle socks for a pair of size 21s; it’s bad enough trying to get a pair that doesn’t slip under the ankle for a handsome 13. Aw doesn’t even bear thinking about.

Don’t think it’s all doom and gloom though, we’ve got a better sense of balance than those with smaller feet, good wide surface area for booting stuff, we’re the next stage in the evolution process and there’s more material used to make shoes but we pay the same price. So we’re basically getting a steal. I mean look at my big boats of an adidas Superstar, same price as a little size 7, who’s coming out on top?

adidas superstar white and black mens size 13 trainers

Speaking about shoes, we offer a great selection of men’s size 13 shoes from big brands such as Converse, Nike and adidas. So your days of looking like the below and losing the rag when you can’t find your size are over.

man fainting while holding phone

When they’ve got a size 13 in stock

Make sure and have a full look through our whole selection of men’s size 13 shoes. There’s a pair in there for you big boy.