We were mega excited when Supra landed at Schuh. A long-time favourite amongst our sneaker freakers, the arrival of the brand caused more than a little stir. So we decided to turn the blog over to one such sneaker freaker, Paul, our Affiliates Manager to tell you a bit more…


The original SKYTOP paved the way for the Supra brand to give the people what they needed! Taking basic hi-top kicks and putting their own twist on things Supra provided skate shoes that recognise the many elements that make up the culture. With the SKYTOP looking like it could come straight from old-school basketball courts, the quality and tech is straight from today! They feature ultra lightweight material that will not lose it’s elasticity under compression. Whether you want to have total control when on your board or be up to date with all your fellow sneaker freaks, the original SKYTOPs won’t let you down! Available at schuh, in the classic colourways of White and Black, as well as pale grey with red flashes, so no matter what outfit you are rocking your SKYTOPs will snap!


After the success of the SKYTOP, Supra followed it up with the, now classic, SKYTOP II which took the original to a whole new level. With an emphasis on the tongue and a higher cuff, the SKYTOP II has a sleek futuristic look without losing that Supra spirit. The SKYTOP II has been given the Suprafoam treatment, which provides you with impact resistance when landing a trick or just gives you that extra comfy feel when chilling. Recognized as favourites among Supra team members Chad Muska and Terry Kennedy it’s not hard to see why. The SKYTOP II proves that with the right team behind you it’s possible to make a modern classic even better!

Supra Society

Supra are known for taking skate shoes to a whole new level but with the Supra Society they prove they are taking design to the next level. The Society has everything that Supra are known for and more: with dual fastening straps they look like they could be worn by skate ninjas kick flipping shogun assassins back to the temples! The vulcanized rubber that the brand is known for provides durability and makes the Society easy to clean ensuring that you always look fresh. As with all the Supra available at schuh, the Society features the standard tech plus provides water resistance making sure you can rock your new favourite kicks all year round!

Supra SKYTOP III Trainers

Finally live and direct from schuh we have the SKYTOP III. After 4 years of waiting Chad Muska and the Supra team have come back together for the next chapter of Supra. With the 90’s making a comeback, it’s great to see its influence on the design and the forever basketball influence can be seen all over the new mid top sneaker. Chad has introduced a new design sensibility with his new signature footwear, the Supra SKYTOP III. Along with lead Supra designer Josh Brubaker, Muska has also incorporated many new technical aspects in his design which were not available back in 2007.

From seamless stitching to sonic welding, the design does not shy away from SKYTOPs original concept of simplicity. This resulted in the part tech runner and part basketball shoe mixed in with the origins of the original SKYTOPs. The new SKYTOPIII comes in a range of different materials, including suede and Supra trademarked SUPRATUF. The new thicker vulcanized sole in contrast white is said to be lighter too which is perfect for surfing sidewalks!