instagram top tips iphone on table

Hello. My name is Amy and I’m an Instagram addict. If I’m not Instagramming my food or snapping endless photos of my pets (my friends’ pets or random animals in the street) then I’m taking quick shots of my latest shopping jaunt. So I am here to stop you from getting green with envy over those Instagram feeds that look so darn perfect. By the time you’ve finished reading this post we’ll have you reaching for your phone with pride and shooting the best shots – whether you’re snapping a pic of your new sneaks or sharing your outfit of the day.

Turn off the flash

Seriously guys, step away from the flash. Turn that flash off and leave it off forever. In theory the flash will light up your photo and make it bright and clear, in reality it makes it look harsh, too bright and a little bit cold. Instead take your shoes to the window in a bright room or outside and snap them somewhere that is naturally lighter, it’ll make the world of difference.

Prep those shoes

A few small touches and your Instagram will look profesh. Before eagerly snapping your new shoes, take off any stickers and if you have laces untwist them and think about how you’re going to tie them or tuck them in. If you’re not going to be wearing your shoes make sure the shoes look good, grab a bit of paper or a plastic bag and stuff those shoes!

yellow adidas trainers laced properly

Ask someone to help you

Are you always doing your #ootd or #wiwt in front of a mirror? Ask a friend, flatmate or trusted colleague to give you a hand, and ask them to take some photos of you in your new shoes.

amy at schuh with green jacket, floral print and bright pink high heel shoes

It’s also a nice touch to get someone to hold your shoes. Whether they are out flat on their palm in front of a bright wall or holding them against their new check shirt, this looks really good when you’ve just bought your new bestie a pair of teeny trainers for their little one – small shoes look the most adorable when you can tell how tiny they are!

silver schuh slip on brogues and turquoise polka dot baby vans shoes

Look for a good background

There’s a lot to be said for finding the right spot for your photo; it can be as simple as finding a clean white wall or taking note of where that good bit of graffiti is on your way home from work. Has your granny got a lovely, rustic wooden floor in her kitchen? Or does your friend have a bright sofa? Use them! The more you mix your backgrounds up the better; it’ll keep your page looking fresh and interesting.

silver pair of schuh slip on brogues with tassels

Experiment with your settings

You can now go in and change a lot of settings on your photographs and you no longer need to stick to just filters available – hurrah! There are sliders for everything from brightness to vignette, from warmth to tilt shift. The best way to get to grips with them and find out what you like is to spend some time experimenting with them.

 two tone red nike trainers in two different lights

If in doubt, use an animal!

The cute factor always wins. So, want to liven your photograph up and guarantee yourself some likes? Get a fluffy friend to star with your shoes.

black and white bunny rabbit with a yellow adidas shoe

Those are my top tips! Show us how you get on by tagging #schuhsday and you might find yourself featured on the blog.