Kids Nike Air Jordan schuh

New brand klaxon! It’s a great week for those littles as we announce that the Air Jordan brand has joined our schuh Kids range. I’m sure you cool kids will no doubt know all about it but here’s a bit of background for those who are not so familiar.

Pro basketball star Michael Jordan was one of the first athletes that Nike took a chance on when they signed a deal with him in 1984 and the first pair of Air Jordan sneakers was born. No one at the time realised quite the power the sneakers and the brand would grow to command.

Some say Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, having played for 15 seasons of the NBA, and even though he retired from the sport in 2003, sneakerheads across the world still want to wear his shoes.

Before the Air Jordan all basketball shoes were plain white – so the world took notice when the first pair of Jordans (as they’ve affectionately become known) dropped in a red and black colourway. Every game that Jordan played in them saw him fined $5000 for not complying with team uniform rules. Nike was more than happy to pay this fine every time as it gained more and more exposure for the shoes.

Every year a new pair of Jordans is released and people still queue around the block or sit at their laptops at the crack of dawn desperate to cop a pair. They are bigger than ever with everyone from original basketball fans to kids who wouldn’t have even been born when Jordan played. The sturdiness and quality of Air Jordan shoes makes them ideal for active kids, especially in winter.

Key styles include the classic white Air Jordan 1 Mid, and the grey Flight Origin. Check out the full range of kids Air Jordans and kit those littles out.