So you’ve set yourself a New Year’s Resolution to get fit, good for you. But let’s face it, on the chance you fall off the fitness bandwagon and cancel your gym membership after a month, you don’t want to be left with a pair of expensive, high-tech (and let’s face it, ugly) trainers.

Now, we’d first like to clarify that we’re in no way fitness gurus or sport performance footwear experts over here. We do however, like to think we know more than a thing or two about shoes and the brands we stock. With that in mind, whilst we don’t buy in shoes specifically for sporty purposes…sometimes it just so happens that a design strolls into schuh that not only looks great but was also built for a purpose.

So here’s the scenario, you’ve ate too many mince pies and drank at least a litre of Baileys a day over the festive season (who knew that stuff was just for sipping?) and now you’re desperately trying to cling onto your current dress size with a clean eating plan and “fun” new sporting endeavour. But what shoes to wear? Well, you basically have three options here; you can wear any old pair of kicks you have lying about the house, you can shell out a small fortune on a pair of sports performance trainers you may only wear once or twice, or you can treat yourself to one of the fresh pairs of kicks below that’ll be an investment to your wardrobe regardless if you stick out the fitness or not.

The adidas NMD

womens and mens adidas NMD X_R1 Primeknit trainers at schuh with white boost midsoles

Rumour has it: That the ‘it’ sneaker can easily stand on its own in the tech footwear market. Remember when adidas declared their adidas Ultra Boost as “the best running shoe ever”? Well, that same boost foam technology can be found in every pair of NMDs, and a fair few of their models – including the adidas X_R1 Primeknit (pictured) – also feature the ARAMIS system developed Primeknit.
True fact we’re willing to get behind: The adidas NMD has been pitched as the best adidas sneaker of all time and was pretty much ‘the trainer’ of 2016 – and the infatuation shows no signs of diminishing in 2017. If you actually manage to grab a pair in your size during a restock, you’ll not only have a pair of rumoured technical running trainers in your possession, but also one of the most sought-after streetstyle sneakers.

The Vans Old Skool

womsn and mens Vans Old Skool trainers in black and white suede available at schuh

Rumour has it: The Vans Old Skool was developed as a performance skate trainer back in the ‘70s and was the brand’s first skate model to feature leather panels for increased durability. It also features sturdy canvas uppers, re-enforced toecaps to withstand repeated wear during skating, padded collars for support and flexibility and the brand’s signature waffle outsoles for superior traction.
True fact we’re willing to get behind: The Vans Old Skool was the first Vans’ design to bare the now iconic Sidestripe. These bad boys have transcended the realms of active sports and are now as synonymous with music and fashion as they are with skaters and BMXers. We can pretty much guarantee that any day in any Fashion Week across the world won’t go by without someone being snapped in these sneaks.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

womens and mens Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo Trainers in white canvas with red and navy striped soles

Rumour has it: The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is the go-to trainer within the weight lifting world. Ever witnessed someone walking into the gym with a pair of Cons on and thought “What on earth are they thinking?” – Well my friend, they’re thinking smart. Whilst air and gel-filled sneakers are what you’re after for a sesh on the treadmill, their squishy soles are a disaster for attaining good form during weight-lifting. Chuck Taylor’s are ideal because they have a nice thin, flat and hard sole to increase stability and control, they have strong canvas uppers to allow you to push your feet to the outside during squats (and thus help to keep your knees out and to activate your glutes) and their low-top design means full ankle mobility.
True fact we’re willing to get behind: The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has been in constant production since 1917 and hasn’t really changed much aesthetically since 1949 until the Chuck II was launched in 2015. Chuck IIs aside though, the core design has transcended from a basketball sneaker worn by world-renowned athletes to being the go-to sneaker for artists, rock ‘n’ rollers, tastemakers, skaters, the fashion elite and everyday heroes alike. Just like the Vans Old Skool, you’d be hard pushed to not spot someone sporting these kicks at any Fashion Week in any location in the world.

The Nike Cortez

womens Nike Cortez leather trainers in white blue and red available at schuh

Rumour has it: The Nike Cortez kept Forrest Gump running for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours. These humble trainers saw him crossing the USA completely twice, which meant he clocked in an estimated 19,024 miles. Obviously (and upsettingly) Forrest Gump isn’t real, but the Nike Cortez was designed by track star Bill Bowerman in ’72 to be both comfortable and durable, giving runners a pair of sneaks that would last through miles and miles.
True fact we’re willing to get behind: The ‘70s trainer has transcended the sneaker community to become a mainstream pop culture icon. The Karate Kid wore his when he was still washing cars for Mr. Miyagi back in ’84, Whitney Houston sported a pair during her 1991 halftime performance at Super Bowl XXV, and Leonardo DiCaprio wore a pair during that Lamborghini scene when he depicted Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013. The Nike Cortez was re-released in its trademark white, blue and red colourway back in 2015 and flew off the shelves worldwide. Now every streetstyle star worth their salt owns a pair.

So there you have it, our top 4 fashion trainer picks that’ll see you through January and beyond – regardless if you keep up your New Year’s Resolutions or not. Don’t see something you like? Put your fitness goals to one side and take a gander of our full men’s fashion trainers and women’s fashion trainers range now.