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Nike Pegasus is one of those models that often falls under the radar, but after being reworked almost once a year for three straight decades, we think it’s about time we all stood up for a round of applause.

Since 1983 the Pegasus has been a lightweight staple in the running realm, and although it has evolved and taken on a slew of technologies, the Pegasus has never lost that clean cut and simple look. While they are still a firm favourite for the runners amongst us, the archived models have become a wardrobe staple for any sneakerhead.

5 Fun Facts about the Nike Pegasus

So you’ve spotted them around the streets and the running track, but here are a few things you might not know about one of Nike’s most iconic sneakers:

  • First came about in the glorious era that was the 80s and more specifically 1983 (to be fair you should already know that since it was mentioned earlier on).
  • During their 33 years serving us well, they’ve had over 25 different variations.
  • There are only 3 you really need to be concerned with though and that’s the 83, 89 and 92. Why? Because we’ve got those ones, but they’re naturally the best ones.
  • They are originally named after the “winged divine stallion” of Greek mythology. If you can’t picture it then he was the white flying horse that Hercules had in the Disney film.
  • Worn these days by world champion runners such as Mo Farah and Bernard Lagat. They don’t wear the old classic 83’s though so not really very useful information if you’re looking for excellent steez.

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SHOP | Nike Pegasus 83 in Burgundy 

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So there you go, learn something new every day. Time to get a pair of on your feet yourself, get a good look at all the Nike Pegasus we have to offer. Or if Pegasus isn’t for you take a look at our full Nike range.