pancake schuhsday shrove tuesday competition

Almost a year to the day since our first pancake schuhsday competition, we were back in the kitchen to craft some tasty treats all in the name of competition. This time, we were judging on taste alone (Megan was grateful after her disaster with that chewed up Converse).

I’ll cut to the chase – the winner was Shelle (pictured above) and her stack of incredible American style fluffy pancakes. Looking like they’d been flipped at iHop, they came topped with icing, sprinkles and raspberries. The stack left the rest of us firmly in the shade.

Voted into second place was me. After my cutting commentary last year, expectations were high and I was feeling the pressure. My 9th batch (yes that’s correct – 9th) turned out to be pretty passable – after some awful naan bread/burnt omelette/garlic bread looking attempts – so with some raspberry coulis and blueberries to accent (/disguise) the flavours I only narrowly missed out on the top spot. Gutted.

pancake schuhsday shrove tuesday competition

Maybe not quite Mary Berry after all.


Next up came Megan. Sort-of redeeming herself after last year, her misshapen, crepe style pancakes were pretty tasty with some honey. Some likened their exotic shape to a tropical fish. Regardless, they weren’t bad.


Still looking for Nemo? Check Megan’s plate.


Lastly, we have Steven. With lashings of everyone’s favourite chocolate spread, they were pretty messy. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to rank any higher than 4th. Better luck next year.


Those chocolate smiles should really be sad faces.