Here at schuh HQ, we love two things more than anything – shoes (obviously) and food. Giving us a chance to combine the two makes us reach new levels of excitement, and let’s face it we’re already pretty excitable. This lead to a friendly (read – vicious and ruthless) competition of who could produce the best shoe shaped pancake. We know; it’s a difficult job but someone has to do it.

What ensued has become affectionately known in the office as The Great British Toss Off.

Here is our run down of the good, the bad, and the ugly-but-tasty attempts that followed.

First up, we have Amy’s shot at a heel –

shoe shaped pancake high heel with banana

It’s a good job Amy’s baking tastes better than it looks.

Our Amy is famous for her baking, and has often been encouraged to enter the Great British Bake Off.  After this, all we really have to say is that a soggy bottom would be the least of her worries. Reminiscent of a 5-year olds attempt at drawing a high heel, not even a sliced banana could make this better.

Faring slightly better, Neil made a bold endeavour at recreating the famous Nike Roshe Run profile.

pancake schuhsday - neil's nike

Neil’s Nike – A dash of chocolate sauce and this is almost passable.

The shape is definitely more defined, and with a sliver of chocolate sauce this was almost recognisable. The instigator of this competition, his smack-talk had us believing he was the pancake Picasso. Sadly, not quite.

Cream of the crop was Cara.

pancake schuhsday - Cara's adidas ZX flux

All hail Pancake Queen Cara

Her version of the stylish adidas ZX Flux looked flippin’ (sorry) amazing. Leaving the competition in the shade, she even managed to get in the famous 3-stripes for a glorious finish.

Last, but almost certainly not least, Megan gave it a go.

pancake schuhsday - megan's converse hi-top

We’re wondering if Megan perhaps chewed her pancake up before taking this picture of it.

This is apparently a Converse All Star Hi-Top. We’re not sure what Megan thinks a Converse Hi looks like, but we’re not sure she’s thinking of the same thing we are. If we had a “Well Done for Taking Part” rosette, Megan would be wearing it with pride. As it is, we don’t, so instead we’ve committed this to memory in case she ever offers to decorate a cake in the future for us.

We hope you’ve had a happy pancake schuhsday, we certainly have. Feel free to #schuhsday to share your efforts with us on Twitter and Instagram.