Continuing with our pro skater series, where we look a little closer at some of our favourite skateboarders, we thought it was time we talked about Paul Rodriquez AKA P-Rod.

For those of you not familiar with P-Rod, he’s just a child prodigy turned international skateboarding mega star. Oh, and not forgetting a massively successful entrepreneur. Yep, just like that. He calls himself ‘goofy’. Sure P-Rod.

He was given a skateboard for his 12th birthday and literally used to sleep with it in bed beside him. He still talks about how he likes to sleep beside prized possessions like his latest trophy or piece of jewellery. A guy who likes to celebrate what he’s achieved, ain’t nothing wrong with that.

From here he learned how to skate and within two years was considered a prodigy. Two years! P-Rod can do pretty much every trick there is.

As the first pro skater to be signed to Team Nike S.B. in 2005, P Rod has racked up eight signature shoes with the brand. This is a pretty big deal, despite his decision to move to Nike being slammed by fellow skaters for making the move to Nike back in 2005. He was accused of selling out but defended his move saying that he’d ‘worn and loved Nike shoes since his very first pair as a kid’. Fair play.

Along with constantly fine tuning his craft, he’s ticked a lot of his life goals off the list. He wanted his name on a skateboard – check, his name on a shoe – check, to win awards – yep, done that. The list goes on – he’s got his own brand, skate stores and has starred in movies. He is a bit of a skating legend.

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