In case you didn’t know, we have cute animal friends who like shoes.  For real. We’re really lucky, they’re like, so into fashion. And more stylish than most people you know.

Have you met Frankie the beloved pug? He knows where it’s at. He’s taking a breather this week, so we’ve drafted in another fash aficionado – Cupcake the bunny rabbit. I know, we just can’t even either.

We’re scoping out new season heels at the moment and you know we enjoy making a statement. Why not stand out and turn heads? That’s our motto. There’s no shortage of head turning high and midi heels here, that’s for sure.

The just-arrived Drifter Cuff from Privileged is insanely cool. Metallic rose gold with a perfect platform and chunky sole – it had us from the word go.

Then you have the Baah Baah heel from Irregular Choice. I’m sorry, but a cute sheep wearing a flower crown as a heel? Yes please. This beauty is just so cute. It even says so on the heel.

Check out Cupcake in action and see if you can guess which shoe she picks. Girl got swag!

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