Things were getting pretty creepy around schuh HQ this week in preparation for Halloween, with the arrival of Stoker the kitten. He took a break from riding on the back of his witch’s broom to pop in and help us settle the age old debate – good vs evil. Batman vs The Joker. Who would triumph in this spooky halloween special of Pet Predictions?

The stakes were high as we waited with baited breath to see who would come out on top – the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Joker or the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star BatmanThe whole DC Comic Converse range is popular, so it’s a tough one to call. Whether Stoker used some sorcery to decide, you’ll need to watch and see. All that we know for certain is that while some people believe that black cats are unlucky, we can confirm that this little black kitten is far too adorable to be anything other than super lucky.

schuh pet predictions kitten dc comic converse

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