publish and timberland collaboration schuh blog featuring mens wheat nubuck boots

When we first heard of the footwear collaboration between cool kids Publish and renowned outdoor brand Timberland, we couldn’t wait to see how New England craftsmanship would be reconstructed with West Coast culture. Brace yourselves gents; Publish X Timberland is on its way.

After the scrumptious American Food Pack range landed last month, Timberland have whet our appetite for their ruggedly stylish silhouettes. This new collection, dubbed ‘Reinventing California’, draws inspiration from the architecture; youth infused street-style and chilled vibes of authentic California. On the back of our initial excitement, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to drop some questions over to Publish about the range; from how the partnership was formed, to the best styling tips straight from the horse’s mouth. They didn’t disappoint.

publish and timberland collaboration with male model wearing the mens chelsea boots in black suede with slim fit grey trousers

  • Can you tell us a little bit about Publish?

Publish exists to refine daily life by delivering premium, timeless products and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion. We are creating clothing today for tomorrow’s world.

  • How did the collaboration between Publish and Timberland come about?

There was a natural synergy between both brands. Classic Timberland styles work so well with our clothing. We wanted to create the next wave of boots. At a tradeshow in NYC – we had met the great people at Timberland and started the discussion. After countless emails back and forth, myself and Nikki made the trip up to the Timberland HQ. After going on a six mile hike in the White Mountains, we solidified this unique partnership and now the rest is history.

publish and timberland collaboration featuring model wearing mens classic ox boots in wheat nubuck with khaki tapered denim joggers

  • What was the inspiration behind the collection?

There are 2 different models for the collection. The iconic Chelsea boot and the classic oxford boot. The concept behind both shoes was to display the laid-back vibe of real California lifestyle. We wanted to show Timberland, being extremely popular in colder climates, can also be worn in warmer environments. We also wanted to add our design aesthetic to these modern classics. The Chelsea was stripped down to basic seams for a true minimalistic vibe. We also added a Vibram sole for comfort and styling. The 6 Inch boot is what Timberland is known for. Personally I always wanted to see this boot as a low top and the new ox was created. Cut below the ankle with a neoprene collar, the new ox comes in two awesome color ways.

  • Who did you see wearing the shoes when designing the range?

I see working professionals to skate rats and everyone in between. This project is for the people!

publish and timberland collaboration featuring male model with white tapered trousers and classic ox boots in black suede

  • What did you set out to achieve through your adaption of the classic Timberland silhouettes?

We wanted to show that these rugged original boots can be transformed into more fashionable light concepts. The end result is something really special.

  • How did you choose the materials that were used in the production of the range?

The materials are close to the original with modern functionality; high quality suedes. The simple color palette of Black and original Wheat was an easy choice.

  • Any styling tips?

These boots were made with the everyday man in mind. They can be worn from your work day to your night out. From shorts to joggers and cropped pants to slim jeans, the “Reinventing California” collection exemplifies forward thinking design paired with west coast easy lifestyle.

publish and timberland collaboration featuring male model with black tapered trousers wearing chelsea boots in wheat suede

The Publish X Timberland range has now landed, and you can check out our full men’s boots range too.