puma easter pack trainers

What makes you think of Easter? Chocolate eggs? Bunnies? Rolling eggs down a hill? Not us though, we only think of the latest edition to the PUMA suede collection. Naturally all good things come in threes – suits, triangles, a crowd. So it makes sense for the PUMA Easter Pack to come in 3 delicious colours. We’re pretty ‘eggstatic’ about it.

What a time Easter is though eh? What else is there really to look forward to in spring? Yeah it’s lighter in the mornings and nights and leaves start blooming on the trees again, but you’re really only thinking about eggs aren’t you?

puma easter pack blue trainers, t shirt and hat

Well make that a thing of a past my man, because with the exclusive – yes exclusive – 3 heavenly colours that just scream Easter, light green, blue and pink, like a bag of mini eggs on your feet. True to classic PUMA suede classics, all 3 styles have a premium suede upper, leather heel and are expertly finished with an iced outsole with cracked egg detailing graphics inside. As tasty as a 6 pack of Cream Eggs.

PUMA Easter Pack

First colour up is the light green. We’re telling you, if you get yourself a pair of these you’ll be in the green son.

puma easter pack light green trainers

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The next colour is the pale pink. Don’t be put off lads, real men wear pink it’s cool they look too good on your feet. Plus we don’t know about you but this is proper mini egg colouring.

puma easter pack pale pink trainers

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Lastly we have the light blue. Well if you get these on your feet there’ll be nothing but blue sky sailing from here on in.

puma easter pack blue trainers

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So there you have it, get yourself a pair of the ‘cracking’ PUMA Easter Pack now, or our full range of PUMA here.