Puma suede platform elemental from above

If you haven’t noticed the hype around Rihanna’s PUMA Fenty Creepers – where have you been!? After that big success, it’s no wonder that the brand wanted to keep up the revamp of the classic Suede. The PUMA suede was first released in 1968, and since then it has graced the feet of everyone from iconic Olympians to hip-hop heroes. The Suede is just one of those shoes that looks sweet with pretty much anything, leading to it becoming a true classic on the sneaker scene. The new Autumn-ready pack has taken our old favourite to the next level. If you’ve been craving something completely different and didn’t manage to get your hands on a pair of Fenty’s finest, then these might just be the shoes for you.

Back shot of puma suede platform elemental all colours

This season, we’re all about winterised versions of our favourite styles – this new drop ticks that box. The ‘Elemental’ pack uses suede with a shaggier finished than usual, for a cosy, winter-ready feel, ready for tacking the colder, gloomier months. This material could divide the crowd, but who cares about that – these are definitely a conversation starting shoe.

Shot from front of Puma suede platform elemental

With the arrival of this new pack, it’s time to trade in softer pastel tones for warmer winter ones. The winter months are officially here. Monochromatic styling is one of our top looks for the season (and pretty much every other time too) – luckily, these PUMA kicks nail that trend, coming in Autumnal burgundy, grey and green-tinted black – each with a matching mid-sole. While the material and the creeper style thick mid-sole are unconventional, the shoes still don the iconic PUMA ‘formstripe’ – creating a new twist on a classic.

Close up of detailing on Puma suede platform elemental

If you’re looking to transform your shoe-drobe for the new season, you’re going to want to grab the PUMA Suede Platform Elemental pack. And you can shop all PUMA here.