T.U.K Viva Lo Sole

Thick crepe sole, suede upper- got to be a creeper, right? There’s certainly been a stir and plenty of discussion over on our Facebook page when we posted a few pics of shoes fitting that description.

It’s true; the original creeper style has received a contemporary make-over. Models such as the Puma Suede Elemental and our own Fun and Games borrow key features from traditional creepers and merge them with the style of a classic pair of sneaks. Let’s face it, they look great and unknowns such as Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have been wearing them. Nah don’t know ’em either.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit closer to the original, feast your peepers on this…

A Brief Bit of Creeper History

At schuh we were taught to respect our elders (we were brought up, not dragged up) and it’s only right to recognise the style pioneers who quite literally rocked them back in the day.

Despite some debate on the real source of the name, creepers’ popularity boomed with the Teddy Boys and Girls in the 50’s. The Teds were the original rock and rollers. Lads sporting quiffs styled with more gel than could be found on 90’s boy band’s tour bus would typically wear them with a drape jacket and drainpipe trousers.

They were also adopted by another equally rebellious group, the Punks. Perennial provocateur Malcolm McLaren who would go on to manage the Sex Pistols, sold creepers from the London boutique he ran with Vivienne Westwood. Punks had quite an eclectic style with controversy being central to their look. This could include huge mohicans, slashed bondage trousers or even a safety pin ear piercing.

Creep Back to Today

The creeper went on to be embraced by other tribes that followed too, including Goths and Ska-Heads; with the recent modern adaptions of creepers being a cracking hat-tip to the originals. But, if you’re the defiant sort that wants to show their true alternative credentials whilst paying homage to the innovators of the past then T.U.K. are a brand you have to check out.

Since starting out in England in 1991 T.U.K. have been leading the way when it comes to helping people stand out from the crowd. Now based in California, they’ve retained their edge over the last 25 years making some traditional classics with the addition of modern upstarts.

Take for example the Viva Lo Sole. The 3.5cm crepe sole plus eye catching features like the D-ring lacing and the cow hair leopard print detailing tick all the boxes of a classic creeper.

T.U.K Viva Lo Sole

If they aren’t enough to keep you head and shoulders above the mainstream, then the Mondo’s might be more your thing. All black, interlacing detail on the toe with a lightweight 4.5cm high sole means that these bad boys will certainly help you make a statement.

T.U.K. Mondo

The question is though, are you are enough of a rebel to rock a pair of traditional style creepers or do you prefer embracing a quiet riot with the modern updates?