red wing boots

If you don’t know much about one of the most work suited footwear brands, then let us tell you how you’ll almost never look at getting another brand of boots again. Red Wing shoes have come a long way since their indulgence in the footwear game back in the early 20th Century – moving from catering almost exclusively to blue collared workers to nowadays where they not only provide the best quality work boots but tailor to the needs of the casual wearer too.

What Makes Red Wing so Good?

Yeah we know they are a bit more on the, shall we say, premium side of pricing than some other boot brands. However, do you want a guff pair of boots that will be lucky to make it through the winter or do you want a pair of well made, iconic and comfy as hell boots? If it’s the former, you need to behave yourself and let us tell you why a pair of Red Wings will change your life.

For a start, the vast majority of production is done within the USA, so there is a lot of care taken into every pair. These aren’t boots quickly fired out to cater to fast fashion; they are built to withstand the test of time.

Don’t just take our word for it though; we even fired up a post on Reddit to see what the masses thought about their investments in their own pair of Red Wing Boots. Here’s a couple of the responses, one from a casual wearer and another from a guy who’s essentially never had them off his feet for 3 years –

“i’m on eight years on my favourite pair of 606 Men’s 6-inch Boot” – sabu15

“3 year old 8111s, the leather itself is excellent. Sole will last another season or so. Laces are bent in a rubbery twig sort of way, not bad, just is. They started off in London and have been to 7 different countries and all over the US. I wear them most days- in work and in leisure.” – Millard_Phillmire

Why They are an Investment?

So as we said, we know they are perhaps a bit more than what you’d normally spend on a pair of shoes. But when you’re going to get years of worth out of them then who can really say no? Think about how much money the ladies spend on a pair of high heels sometimes, upwards of £400 at least on a pair of Louboutins they hardly wear, so really £240 on a pair of sturdy, hard-wearing and handsome boots pay for themselves.

If all that hasn’t sold you then let’s put it into perspective. If you were to wear them once every 3 days, over a typical British winter of about 5 months, that would give you 50 wears in a season. If they last a minimum of 6 seasons, that’s a good 300 wears out of them, which means you’re really only paying 80p every time you wear them. No one has an issue buying a semi cheap t-shirt for a tenner that shrinks in the wash after one wear, so really these boots are very economical. So fill your boots lads.

red wing brown work boots


red wing grey 3 tie chukka boots


red wing stone cl work apron boots


Don’t wait around as these bad boys will be flying off the shelves, so check out our full range of Red Wing Boots here.