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If there’s one brand that’s had a bigger resurgence this year than anyone else, it’s Reebok. The Bolton born brand not only secured Kendrick Lamar to be the face of the Reebok Classic, but they’ve been pulling out quality styles a plenty this year. From Workouts to Classic Nylon, we’ve got all the old favourites you need to know about.


Taking us back to the glory days of leg-warmers and colourful leotards, each of the Reebok styles are an icon in the retro sportswear game in their own right. It might be down to the big 80s/90s revival – but the brand are having a major moment.

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Whether you want to channel Jane Fonda and her workout pals in the Freestyle Hi, stay slick in monochrome Nylon Classics, or bring an iconic silhouette right up to date with the new pearlised pack – you need some Reebok in your shoe-drobe.

If you fancy styling your Reeboks for the 21st Century then how about going for a pair of baggy jeans or chinos and stick on an oversized overcoat on the top. Alternatively, the Classics also go down a treat with a pair of skinny jeans – ideal for any minimalist look are a pair of Reebok.


It’s not just for the ladies that the heroes of casual style are making their comeback, and we’ll tell you, they look just as good as they did when they were the newest sneaks on the scene. As we said, they’re now adopted by the likes of Kendrick Lamar – you can be sure these kicks are cool again (always have been) and with several silhouettes under the Classics umbrella getting updates that are fresh but loyal to the original, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy.

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Reebok Classics and an overcoat clearly are the looks for the season, with that the go to style carrying over from last year. Wear your classics with anything from a pair of skinnies and a shirt to a straight fitting pair of chinos and an oversized t-shirt. They’re the go to shoe for pretty much every occasion, like a pair of cushions on the feet as well.

So what style you going for? Check out our full range of Reebok styles here.