schuh hq halloween adidas superstar pumpkin carving

Every Halloween there are plenty of spooky goings on at schuh HQ, with people dressing up and getting into the spirit of the season. We’re also a very competitive bunch, so when the occasion brought about an opportunity for a rematch of our Pancake Schuhsday competition, we jumped at the chance. This time around, we were carving pumpkins. The gloves were off (or rather on) for a seriously messy competition. Who would triumph, I imagine you wondering frantically? Read on to see who would be crowned Pumpking.

First up, let’s start with the best of the rest to whet your appetite.

Michelle set the bar hi (Sk8-Hi some would say) with her Vans.

schuh HQ pumpkin carving competition michelle's vans sk8 hi

Andrew went for an undeniable classic – his Chuck Taylor Converse sure lit up the office.

schuh HQ pumpkin carving competition andrew's converse trainers

Luisa and Ahmed put in some amazing teamwork to bring us the lovely Nike Dunk carving.

schuh hq pumpkin carving competition nike dunk

Iris’ New Balance trainer was intricately carved and beautifully detailed, narrowly missing out on the top spot.

schuh hq halloween pumpkin carving iris new balance trainers

Last but not least, we have the winner. Throughly redeeming herself after THAT pancake debacle (really it was awful) we have carving master, Megan. Her eerie adidas Superstar carving – complete with creepy hand and detailing – was the cream of the crop. Take a bow, supreme pumpkin master.

schuh hq halloween adidas superstar pumpkin carving

Have we piqued your interest with our carvings? You can shop our women’s range and shop our men’s shoes here – dig in and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN from all at schuh.